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Photo History of female photographers

Photography Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down

Well, history’s done it again and ignored all the important women in photography, too. Just because someone voices her opinion and made one of the good ol’ boys mad, photographers like Imogen Cunningham and Margaret Bourke-White were left out of the clubs and history books. Thanks to the women who don’t give up, their work […]

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photo history blog post about eddie adams

Photography, Technology, and Eddie Adams

After one afternoon of perusing blogs and social news feeds and sites like Buzzfeed and Photojojo, the cohorts here at Tilt Shift found a nice list of recommended movies for or those photographers who can’t get enough of lens on lens action. Two from the list stand out (of the 80% left still to watch): […]

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color photography photo history

Taking Color Photography to New (Conceptual) Levels

With color and ways to communicate with it, what’s left to look at? Is there more to discover with stark reality in color? With the technical bits ironed out, photographers go everywhere and look at everything. Artists begin to use color photography to critique the fabric of society. Influenced by postmodernism and a lack of […]

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We Got the Picture, Now Where’s the Color?

Color, though we live in a saturated world, was problematic in photography for a long time. Scientists understood the physics of light and its properties, but they had yet to understand how color is perceived in the human eye. Then, technicians had to find the right material that could cater to the right properties for […]

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Photo history blog about Photojournalism

From Wars Abroad to War in the Streets, Photographers Decide When to Freeze the Action

Can someone say insta-a-a-aaa-a-matic??? Here come the days where cameras fit in the palm of your hand and film speeds stop motion even while you’re still moving. Visual athletes define photography in a fast-paced world. From wars far from home to war in our own streets, photographers freeze the whole story, leaving just enough to […]

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Photo history blog post about Get Surreal! Modernist Photography in Europe Breaks All The Rules

Get Surreal! Modernist Photography in Europe Breaks All The Rules

Running around in France with artists such as Salvador Dali and Henri Magritte, European photographers take to modernism with flair. Instead of glorifying form and function as the Americans do, photographers such as Man Ray, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and Claude Cahun make fun of it all and spark Surrealist and Dada movements in photography. Instead of […]

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Tilt shift blog photo history image about modernism

Photography Goes Modern

At the height of the Industrial Revolution, photography challenges form and function of everyday objects and industrial design, bringing the debate over arts versus science to center stage. Photographers sought ways to celebrate how a subject is rendered with light with refined techniques and materials that increased sensitivity to light. Photographers in America took a […]

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Photography History about Painting Scribbles Outside the Lines

Painting Scribbles Outside the Lines

Now that photography can make a perfect copy of nature, who needs paint? The painters do! They prove it by coloring outside the lines to find a new kind of expression. No longer a method of preservation (photography takes care of that!), painters get to experiment and play with emotional content. Photography does the same, […]

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